West Coast & Tasman

4 or 6 DAYS





"The original Heaphy Track" - Local hikers

Once known for its popularity with locals, its length and amazing views at the top of its peaks, the Wangapeka was often called the "original Heaphy Track". Nowadays, it has been forgotten due to more and more investment added to our great walks down south. This means it's less busy and nature has truly taken it back. If you want the experience of a Great Walk without the price tag, this is your track.

Looking for the real Bushman experience? The Wangapeka is one of our most epic, 4 or 6 day hikes that starts in one region, and ends in another.

This track combines stunning scenery with traces of New Zealand’s past and will lead you through the best the West Coast and Tasman region has to offer. We’re talking hidden valleys, ancient beech forest, swing-bridges over violent waters, and two saddles offering 360 degree views over Kahurangi National Park above 1,000m. This is the hike your friends will be jealous of. You will be able to complete this full track in 4 days with big 10-20k pushes each day, otherwise a more leisurely walk can be completed between 8 and 10k a day.

Bushmen who hike here

Our Bushman is born and bred here in the West Coast. This is one of his top picks globally for a hiking experience. Over 4 or 6 days, you'll be in safe hands with a confident and patient Bushman. He lives for these tracks, and soon, so will you.


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