This page showcases our itinerary offering for a seven day tour around the West Coast & South Island of New Zealand. We've pieced together our favourite day by day activities and experiences.

We're really looking forward to showing you some hidden spots and local walks around the West Coast of New Zealand. Without costing your whole budget, you will get a true experience of New Zealand with our local Bushman guides and unique experiences to our mission. This whole package covers everything you need for trip of a lifetime, meaning little preparation. We're also here 24/7 to answer any questions and help get you to where you need to be (at no extra cost). Myself and the Bushman Tours team really look forward to showing you our New Zealand.

Ollie Law // Chief Bushman

Days broken down

To make things easy, we have listed out day by day what you will be doing during your trip here. Starting in Christchurch City, you'll get an opportunity to ease from our beautiful architectural centre, to our dense, beautiful jungles of the Jurassic West Coast. This trip has everything you'll need to experience New Zealand without booking up too much of your schedule...or your budget.

South Island // Canterbury & West Coast


Day 1 // Say hello to the Garden City, Christchurch

After arriving in Christchurch, you have the option of being picked up from the airport, or we can help book you a hire car to self drive. You will be taken directly to your prearranged hotel. Once settled (and depending on time), our Founder and Chief Bushman, Ollie will come and meet you to make sure you're settled and walk you through your itinerary for the few days. This day is for you. If you arrive into Christchurch within the day, you will have time to wonder the beautiful city we have built for our shaky and dark past. Chief Bushman Ollie will provide a complimentary walking tour around the city which includes great place for coffee, food, dinner and drinks. Local knowledge and opportunity to be welcomed into our home.

Day 2 // Christchurch City Tour & Godley Head

Today, you will meet Bushwoman Jill, who will join you to guide around Christchurch City. Here, she will show you the effects and damage of the 2010 Earthquakes and how the city has been rebuilt, as well as the stunning coastline for plenty of opportunities for local coffee and food. As you drive south of the city, you will head towards your first pleasant walk with us.

Climbing the beautiful Port Hills you will get a real sense of the size of Canterbury with stunning 360 views. Here, you will head towards Godley Head to complete an easy 4-hour walk. This walk circles an old World War 2 battery site that lurks above an extinct volcano. Views of the bay, city and a sunset will complete your day before being dropped back at your hotel. Read more about Godley Head here.

Day 3 // Head West to Arthurs Pass & Bealey Spur

On this day, we will get up promptly to head west toward the coast. You will get a good view of the city plus our largest and most active river system, the Waimakariri River. Only 45 minutes in, we begin to be surrounded by mountains. Here, we will be greeted by one of our Bushmen or women who will take you up a local favourite walk, Bealey Spur. This walk is an easy, pleasant day hike with fantastic views over the Waimakariri Valley. Follow the track through beech forest, open grassland and sub-alpine scrub until it ends at the historic Bealey Spur Hut (once used for high country sheep farming). Stunning views from a gradual track begins with a steep walk up a road from the car park. From there it climbs steadily through beautiful forest until the path emerges into the open and continues onto a ridge. We will have a chance to rest, get plenty of photos and enjoy some food.

We have arranged smaller walks around the Arthurs Pass village and surrounding areas if the weather is bad (which is common). This region has giant mountains, native wildlife (including the chance to see our native Kea down by the shops trying to get a bite) and plenty of views for it to be a beautiful and memorable place to relax. Hear the noises and surroundings of our New Zealand natural world. 

If you wish to stay in luxury accommodation here, we can recommend a great place with stunning views. Go on, treat yourself!

Day 4 // Punakaiki's Pancake Rocks & West Coast

Today you have the morning to yourself to meet and have breakfast with the locals (the Kea!) and enjoy the fresh air and sounds of the Arthur's Pass. You will make your way to the West Coast where you will begin to see the landscape become greener with more jungle surroundings. Historic river systems and bendy roads provide some amazing views. You will have plenty of chances to stop and look around (especially if you book a private driver with us).

That afternoon, you head to the Punakaiki Rocks (also known as the Pancake Rocks). These natural formations have been used in many nature documentaries including David Attenborough and the BBC classic, Walking with Dinosaurs. With a plan to be there at high tide, this allows you a chance to see some really exciting "blow hole" movement where the ocean bursts through the large openings in the rock - sometimes leaping 100 feat in the air. The rocks are a heavily eroded limestone area where the sea bursts through several vertical blowholes. The foundations of the Pancake Rocks were formed 30 million years ago when minute fragments of dead marine creatures and plants landed on the seabed about 2 km below the surface. This is an easy walk and can take around 1 hour, but there is no rush. Get some great photos and videos of this amazing and historic place.

Day 5 // Cape Foulwind, Secret Beaches & Seal Colony

Enjoy your breakfast as the sun rises in the east and overlook our most exotic ocean, The Tasman Sea. Afterwards, either your guide/driver will pick you up, or drive yourself north over a short 52 minute drive (plenty of opportunity to stop and get fantastic photos including Perpendicular Point, a beautiful view along rock formations). Once we arrive in Cape Foulwind, you will be greeted by Bushman Drew. He is a true West Coast born and bred Bushman who knows this region well. He will guide us through this pleasant walk to see more views, wildlife and the famous Seal Colony. This easy 4 to 5 hour walk follows the local beaches and passed a well established Fur Seal Colony. We will stop here for some local tea and light food. We'll explore hidden beaches, caves and spots for amazing photos with Drew. 

That evening, you have the night to yourself to wonder around the historic Westport town. A town founded by settlers in the 1800's, it is most famous for its Jade Stone. We will make sure you have a chance to visit the world famous Jade Shops in the town. 

Learn more about Cape Foulwind here.

Day 6 // The historical and lost mines of Charming Creek

Likely one of the most stunning and exciting day walks we offer, the Charming Creek walkway will take you through historic mining tracks deep into the West Coast bush. Here, you will be guided by Bushman Drew again who will point out many of the left over and abandoned trains and tracks. In fact, the walkway follows the railway deep through mountains and caves, alongside the roaring waterfalls and ice cold rivers. This is an easy 5 to 6 hour walk that takes you right under the native canopy and into our most wild jungles. Find out more about the walkway here.

Day 7 // Hanmer Springs & The Waterfalls

On this day, you will cut through the West Coast, over the Southern Alps of New Zealand and through the country to Hanmer Springs; a resort town known to locals and a great spot to relax and unwind deep in the New Zealand back-country. Here, Bushman Drew will again meet you to walk  through the surrounding township and day walks. Drew spends his winters here in Hanmer working up at the ski field but also guides many day walks including the Dog Stream Waterfall or the option of hiking up Conical Hill for 360 degree views of the town and surrounding landscapes. 

Hanmer also boast plenty of shopping and restaurants to relax in the evening. Or grab a drink at a local bar after an evening in the hot pools.

Day 8 // Kaikoura Fishing & a Wildfoods evening

After enjoying your breakfast and perhaps another spa before we start the day, you'll begin your two hour drive to Kaikoura on the east coast. This famous and beautiful township was recently hit by earthquakes and has only just recovered. By you visiting, you're directly giving back to the community that is rebuilding. This provides an opportunity to see some incredible sites of the seabed which has been pushed up and above the coast. You will arrive at your accommodation before lunch for a chance to unwind. Afterwards, you will head to the jetty and boat ramp to meet your fishing charter. Over a few hours, you will head out with a local fisherman to catch your evenings dinner! This trip provides stunning views of the surrounding coastline and wildlife with a chance to perhaps even see Wales and Dolphins. 

When you arrive back to shore after (hopefully) catching the evenings meal, you will make your way to the Kaikoura Peninsula for a stroll around the east coast seal colony. Here again, you will get a chance to see how earthquakes have shaped the land. If available, Sabrina - who runs the Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue charity - will meet you and provide a presentation and talk on the surrounding wildlife and her work towards conservation and sea life. This is a unique and amazing opportunity to understand the region well and also give back to her cause. A portion of your fees go towards her work. (Read more below about her)

That evening we will meet Bushman Ian for an evening of locally sourced wine, beer and food. Ian provides a Wild Foods experience that is unique to Bushman Tours. Meats, fish and ingredients will create a meal that no restaurant could provide with the majority of it being caught that day. Ian will walk you through how he cooks it (which will be done in front of you) as well as where the food comes from and what it means to New Zealander's and Maori alike. Much of this is sample food and provides a whole dish of variety to enjoy complimented by local wines and beer. You won't get better than this as part of your trip.

If you wish, there is an option to stay in a traditional, local batch which many locals book for fishing trips or a sense of a traditional night out. 

Day 9 // A ridiculously beautiful drive to Christchurch

(Dependent on the time of your flight or plans from Christchurch) You will have a chance to enjoy a local coffee and breakfast down the quaint and peaceful Kaikoura High Street before you head south. The drive is a stunning, winding road along the coastline, over the hills and through local farm land. If time allows, we will have a chance to stop off at a beautiful beach only known to locals either driven by your guide or sent via your itinerary after booking. This is a great chance to stretch the legs and enjoy the ocean one last time - which is often visited by Dolphin and other sea life. After you arrive to Christchurch, you can either be dropped at the airport or into the city for one last wander around. 


Cost per person: $2,000 NZD*

*This price includes:

  • 2 people minimum
  • Guided walks
  • Optional Tour guide
  • Transport and fuel
  • Food for day walks
  • Experiences (fishing & Wild Foods) 
  • City tours 
  • Airport pick up and drop off 
  • All fees and taxes

This fee does not include any hired gear or booking of transport which can be added at check out. This booking will not include accommodation. 

Something Special

On the morning after you arrive into Kaikoura, you have a few hours spare to either relax, wander or meet Sabrina, of the Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue. Bushman Tours directly supports and contributes to Sabrina’s work who, as the only volunteer of the foundation, rescues and rehabilitates many of Kaikoura’s fragile birds and sea life.

This presentation will be lead by Sabrina down by the seal colony, where she will share some of her success stories and the current state of conservation in New Zealand. Sabrina will detail all the wildlife found on this coast, how to spot them and most importantly, how to care for them. Your fare for this experience will go directly to supporting the foundation.

To find out more, read our article on KWR here.


Want your own driver and van? We can offer a full time driver as part of your extra offers. This will be professionally driven by your guide and offer you a chance to enjoying the views instead of the road rules. There is also a chance to do small side trips that your local driver knows you'll enjoy. Insurance and fuel costs are all covered here and there is plenty of room for luggage. Make sure to reserve this upon checkout.

The Wild Foods Menu

Three hours or so of fishing and walking will have you nice and hungry. The whole group will head back to the Kaikoura coastline to enjoy the cooked meal we have prepared. Here, Bushman Tours will have gotten the food and kitchen ready for your evening of wild foods.

Subject to availability, this includes:

Venison Salami
Goat chorizo
Chips & Dip
Drinks: Lager

Pre dinner
Seafood of crays, paua, 
kina and finger food with the 
appropriate dipping sauce.
Drinks: Pilsner

Main entree
Roast venison
Veges & salad
Drinks: Pinot Gris

Local selection of cakes and ice-cream
Drinks: Dessert Wine 

Please let us know if anyone has a food allergy or requests we must be aware of.

Questions & Answers

Will we have a guide the full time?

If you book a private van and driver, you will have a full time guide as well. Chief Bushman and lead guide Ollie will be with you from Christchurch. He will drive the mini-van and also guide on some of the walks. He is very knowledgeable of the area and will provide plenty of opportunity to see some hidden spots and get to know the area.

Will we get an itinerary and times?

Yes. Prior to the trip, you will be sent a document that details more times, check ins and requirements. This will be sent once the booking is confirmed. If you have any questions about areas of the document, you can contact us directly. 

Can I hire extra gear when we arrive?

You must hire gear now if you wish to ensure you have enough for the walks. It's good to be prepared. There will be plenty of opportunity to buy anything when you arrive into Christchurch should you need more.

What happens if trips are cancelled due to weather?

We will provide other options and walks/experiences at no extra cost. These will be arranged and given to you as an option on the day should we have any issues with weather. All our walks are rarely called off due to weather, so we should be fine. It does rain quite frequently on the West Coast, so good jackets are required. 

Will you book my hotels?

We can do this for you, yes. But it will come separate to this booking as prices change frequently from the hotels we recommend. We can either book them for you, or forward you the hotels we recommend in relation to the tours for you to book yourself.

Have more questions not answered here? You can visit our FAQs website here, or contact us via phone or our chat function on the button right.

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What makes us super unique to New Zealand is that all our "guides" are locals who do this in their spare time. We don't "hire" them and provide them a schedule, they pick it themselves. This allows us to find people who are already out there doing all these amazing experiences. You're in great hands here.

Terms & Conditions

Bushman Tours will act as your booking agent for hotels. You must arrange your own flghts and any extra food you need. If any guest is late for a tour or unwell, they will have to forfeit that trip. Trips are subject to weather and natural events. By paying for this tour, Bushman Tours will secure your tour, guide and transport if needed. Guests are required to carry their own adequate hiking gear and must adhere to our minimum requirements of gear. If this is not adhered to, we have the right to cancel any tours. You can hire gear through the checkout. You can have a Tour Leader with you from Christchurch who will set the agenda and guidelines for the tour. For further details on our terms, you can visit our terms and conditions. Otherwise, contact your account manager or for more. To read more on this and our full terms of service, visit here.


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