3-4 DAYS



1985m +



Live the West Coast experience through bivvys and remote tussock.

Mikonui Spur Biv is located on a bench at the scrub/tussock boundary on Mikonui Spur. This track allows hikers to experience best of both worlds where tough climbs, rewarding views and traditional New Zealand huts are located throughout. Navigating over Miserable Ridge, you'll have an opportunity to build shelters and camp out the night (weather permitting). With plenty of opportunities to enjoy the surroundings and calm of the coast, you are likely to be one of the only people hiking the ranges. The climb of Mt Bowen is the highlight of the trip, where a sunrise ascent is recommended.

NB: This route can be done over 3 days with a chance to stay in the two available huts. You may wish to extend to 4 days to camp out and explore the surrounding areas. Due to its location, this area can have a variety of weather and may be closed from time to time. 

Bushman who hike here

Our Bushmen have walked and explored this region for years. Knowing locals and knowing ways to enjoy each hike are their passions, and now they can be yours too. You're in great hands here and will leave with some extra knowledge and a story or two.


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