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About six months ago, we started designing a process similar to our Bushmen onboarding where the outcome was a list of photographers our visitors could connect with. In this, the chosen photographer would get their own profile, sell their work securely and fairly, and in some cases, even be able to lead photography based tours. 

Thanks to the chaotic pivoting many businesses conducting as a result of COVID-19, we thought we'd bring this project to life sooner rather than later too.

As our new platform grows and gets set to release in April 2020, we seek more images and creative work to inspire visitors from around the world. After all, it's expected that once this crisis blows over (which it will), New Zealand will experience its largest influx of tourists on record for the next summer period. We'll handle being ready for this, but before then, we want to inspire and ensure people do book as soon as those borders are open (drastically helping the NZ economy). 

By getting in touch with experienced photographers now, we can start building the process and tours that will make this a really unique and exciting experience for everyone. 


First things first.

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The criteria for this is simple: you must have proven experience and a love for capturing the outdoors, be able to head out on the tracks we send you and have some great quality images for us to review.

When you fill out the application, we review your experience, details and your two images you decide to submit. If what you have matches what we're after and looking to share, we'll reach out and get this thing started.

Why only specific tracks and routes?

We only have concessions for particular tracks throughout New Zealand. We're not able to cover your expenses for other tracks we don't run tours on. Although the first project is to grab images of those tracks, the next will allow you to go out on ones you want. As a result, you'll be able to share and sell the images you get elsewhere.


Our original mission with this concept was to connect travelling photographers with local ones. By booking a local photographer, that visitor gets to experience key locations for the perfect snap. They get a local's knowledge of the best timings, positions and locations that simply isn't shared anywhere else. 

For the photographer, not only are they paid to provide this experience, they too get to share their work and meet with like-minded people.

COVID-19 has forced us to tweak this mission slightly with us now focusing on getting the content. 

Chances are, you're itching to get back into our Backcountry and grab images of you doing so. This will happen long before our borders open. So, by going out now, you can grab snaps of your finest work and inspire visitors to connect and one day book with you (before they've even booked their flight). It's about creating a positive buzz early.

Where your work is shared

In the interim, we'll be sharing your images via our social channels that link back to you. Places like Instagram are seeing their largest user rate on record now that everyone is home. 

Next, we'll add your images of our tracks onto the platform. Here they'll be part of tours, general pages and featured images. If someone were to click that image, it will go back to you (that might be your social media or profile). 

Later in the year, we'll work on setting up Lensmen profiles, an online shop where you can sell your work and a chance for people to book you. 


Then apply today and let's get this started.


This year, our Bushmen get a new look and new profiles. Soon after, photographers too will have a place to share their work and their tours. In this, you'll get a chance to select the places and routes you'd like people to book with you. You set your own pricing, decide on whether you want to hire out gear and any other extras. You set your own schedule and select the work you'd like to share. Finally, on the same profile will be a place for you to sell your work via a secure and relevant platform. We know, amazing right?

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