The agreement states I’m a ‘Supplier of Services’, what does that mean?

Imagine you set up a motel on Expedia and you start advertising and selling your rooms via the platform. Expedia can’t and won’t hire you as an employee to do that, and they don’t make you a contractor either. They’re offering a platform and channel for you to share your motel, pricing and uniqueness to their audience. As a photographer, you’re doing the same thing. A Supplier provides a platform the assets they wish to promote, the platform (AKA the Agent) promotes and sells this on their behalf. These agreements are often open ended, flexible and allow you to not be bound to anything over long periods.

The agreement is quite large and detailed, should I be concerned?

This agreement is to protect you as much as it is to protect us. Our Bushmen, employees, partners and more all get very similar agreements. If you have any concerns, you can reach out to us to break down each clause, or seek legal advice. Remember, you can terminate this agreement at any time with only 24 hours notice. 

Can I bring other people with me?

We encourage you to bring other people with you as people in shots often help set a better scene and can scale the images well. If you do, these people are coming on their own terms and as stated in your agreement, are not bound to any terms by Bushman Tours. You are inviting them on your own accord and are responsible for them. They must also agree that if they’re in your work that you share with us, this may be shared by Bushman Tours. By being pictured in your work, they’re agreeing to this.

What expenses do you cover?

We cover two portions of your expenses when out on a project. 

1) The gas money you use when driving to a location that is within the region stated on your postal address*. For example, if you live in Christchurch City but travel to Greymouth, you will be covered for the distance to the West Coast regional border, and once you’re back in. 

2) Your food expenses will also be covered. Occasionally, projects become overnight trips and therefore come with the need for more food. We will cover this within reason. We can order backcountry meals and similar, or you can purchase your food and send us the receipt. 

*For those that live in smaller regions like Wellington, we are open for longer trips as long as these are notified to us prior.

What tracks will I go out on?

We have a variety of tracks we have a concession for with the Department of Conservation (DOC). This means, we’re legally permitted to have you go out and work on these tracks and these will be the first we ask you to go. 
Any new tracks will come with terms. For example, is it a private or non-conforming track? Are you going to sell the work via our platform or will any monetary value come from the work? We’ll be in close contact with you when it comes to this.

Can I send you photos I already have from previous work?

Absolutely, as long as you have the right to share them with us. We encourage this so that we can start advertising you and sharing your work through our platforms.

In Schedule 3 of the Agreement it says I need a PLB and Emergency Kit, what is this?

A PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) is a unit that sets off an emergency signal to Land Search & Rescue when an event or emergency occurs. These are vital in New Zealand where weather turns within hours. However, not everyone has them or can get access (not to mention they’re hundreds of dollars). Therefore, we can hire these out for you if a friend or family member doesn’t have one. 
An Emergency Kit is something you need to organize yourself and decide what that involves. Usually, it includes an emergency blanket, first aid kit, fire starters, torch etc. It’s best to head to the Mountain Safety Council website and understand what they recommend. 

We want you to be safe out there and that’s why we ask for these minimum requirements.


When and how can I sell my work?

We are in the process of building a new platform where this will be possible. Although the site will be live in April, we forecast that setting up Lensmen’s profiles will take slightly longer. When this is ready, you will have an invite with a link to get set up. Here, we’ll provide walkthrough videos & guides on starting to sell your images via our platform. The images will be showcased on a feature page that visitors can browse, or they can be purchased through your profile - which we encourage you to share. 

When I sell my work, how is this shared with the customers?

At checkout, your customer will have the chance to download digitally and receive the copyright to use it themselves. They will also get the chance to order physical copies. These are pre-arranged sizes and quality that Bushman Tours arranges on your behalf. The final product they purchase is then shipped in Bushman Tours branded packaging on your behalf. This takes away any stress of posting your work to customers. 

How many images can I have on my profile?

At this stage, we do not have a set amount for this as this part of the site has not been built. It is likely you’ll be able to share an unlimited amount similar to Bushmen selling their tours. 

Will you offer the chance for Lensmen to take out customers one day?

Absolutely. We’re concentrating on one step at a time, but photography is already an option for our Visitors to book. If you meet the criteria to be able to lead a group of people into the backcountry of New Zealand, you could very much become a Bushmen too. Once this opportunity is ready, we’ll send you an email inviting you to apply. 

Does Bushman Tours own the work I complete and sell on the platform?

You will always have complete copyright and control over the work you produce for us, sell or upload. However, in accordance with clause 12 of your Agreement, the Intellectual Property you produce, share or sell for Bushman Tours is the absolute property of Bushman Tours and you, the Lensman, until the agreement is terminated or you specifically ask otherwise. If Bushman Tours pays you a fee for specific work, this becomes the property of Bushman Tours and remains so past the termination of the agreement. If you’re unsure about this, you can reach out to us to discuss. We take your work seriously and are passionate that it’s shared respectively.


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