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Our Response to COVID-19

While the world heads deeper into more uncertain times, many are concerned about their futures and whether their plans for 2020 will still go ahead. Things like the Olympics, huge overseasRead more

FAQs While We're In Downtime

New Zealand is currently going through one of the most strict and staunch self-isolation, lockdowns in the world. This is for good reason and few Kiwis are arguing it if we can save lives. However, nRead more

How to Stay Safe Outdoors

This blog was originally posted by Alice Milne (Bushman Alice) via aliceadventuring.com. Click to view more of her posts.Read more

Māui Dolphins Are On the Brink of Extinction

New Zealand is often seen as a very clean, green and natural paradise to many overseas audiences. Even when they arrive on our shores, our visitors seldom know the truth. New Zealand’s wildlife is Read more

Multiday Hikes with Bushman Tours

Multiday hikes with Bushman Tours is any track that will take you more than two days to complete (or two nights or more out). We offer these options to keen hikers who are looking to immerseRead more

Overnight Hikes with Bushman Tours

If you’re looking for a chance to get away from hotels and hostels, you’re after something more unique and want to wake up at the foot of a mountain, you have to spend it out in our backcountry.Read more

Day Hikes with Bushman Tours

Our day hikes are perfect for those short on time, don’t want to spend too much or has an afternoon to kill and wants to get out and about. Most of our day hikes are located near to key meetingRead more

Top 10 outdoor activities in New Zealand

If you’re visiting New Zealand this year or perhaps, you’re already here trying to work out the difference between “yeah, na” and “na, yeah”, then chances are you’re wondering what areRead more

My Favourite New Zealand Hikes

This blog was originally featured on Wholesome Hobbit, written by Sami. Bushman Tours has been given permission to repost this feature. You can also contact us to have your blog featured. ---Read more

We’re recruiting | Accountant Wanted

In the run up to 2019, we have our vast level of strategies and campaigns well under way, we’re looking for an accountant to join our mission and assist in vital tasks and forecasting. The idealRead more

Bushman Tours adds Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue to The List

Chief Bushman, Ollie Law and the team at Bushman Tours are excited to introduce you to the work of Sabrina Luecht, who single-handedly manages Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue. During a routine researchRead more

Bushman Tours | What we do

The foundation that Bushman Tours is built on, focuses on two key objectives. A passion for conservation and the environment, and, educating the masses on this. By using these two simple but importRead more

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