Bushman Alice


Age: 28
Location: Southland
Specials: Daytrips, Overnight, Multiday (Great Walks)
Availability: Tuesday, Saturday & Sundays
Max group size: 5
Instagram: @alice.adventuring

About: I'm a friendly Kiwi who loves getting outside, smelling the mountain air and taking photos. I grew up on a sheep farm in the deep south and have been tramping (hiking for those non-Kiwis) since a young age. I love introducing new people to tramping, and helping visitors explore our beautiful country.

I love introducing new people to tramping (hiking), and helping visitors explore the beautiful country of Aotearoa (New Zealand). I make sure that everyone in my party is prepared, comfortable and having a great time on any tramp that I lead. Stops for photos and eating chocolate are very much encouraged! I also love chatting about all topics New Zealand and outdoors, as well as learning from visitors. If you choose to come on one of my trips you'll have a fun, safe and friendly time. Can't wait to meet you!

What to wear

Hikes // You must ensure you are well prepared for any hike in New Zealand as weather can be a serious threat to those outside. Your Bushman will check your gear and decide on whether you have met the minimum requirements before heading out. For more on this,visit our FAQ here. You will be emailed an full itinerary upon the completion of your booking. 

Food to bring

Day Hikes // We recommend light snacks and energy food while out walking and full, protein heavy meals for your lunches and bigger breaks. For example, energy or protein/breakfast bars, "scroggin" or a bag of mixed nuts, wraps with perhaps white meats, heavy salads and sauce, or opt for just about any meal from Back Country Cuisine.

Multiday Day // Expanding on from above, we recommend something to chew away at while out. A good energy boost on hikes with hills could be Pascal's Jet Lollies - which are high in energy and quite light. For breakfast, try the small porridge satchels and coffee/tea satchels. Again, dinners can be covered in one swoop with the Back Country's selection. For more, visit our FAQ below.




"My only walking experience was going for walks around the Ohio river so I was nervous about going on a hike for the first time. Alice took me under her wing and with her guidance and knowledge she made sure I was okay every step of the way! I’m so glad I took that first step because the hike was incredible and the views along the way made the cold start worth it. I can’t wait to come back to New Zealand and hike with Alice again."



"I never knew a hiking trip could teach me so much about the local area and the environment. Alice knew so much about the history of Southland and she was able to answer all of the questions we came up with along the way. Would definitely recommend a hike with her again."


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