Bushgirl Jessi Rose


Age: 24
Location: Canterbury
Specials: Multiday, Expeditions
Availability: All week
Max group size: 6
Instagram: @madam.thorne

About: Jessi Rose is humble bush pixie, born in the Appalachian foothills. In 2013 the Southern Alps stole her heart and she now claims Te Waiponamu as her home. Jessi has a degree in Environmental and Sustainability, which has influenced the way she experiences and "consumes" life in the bush. She is a keen writer and artist with interest in mindfulness, sailing, yoga, nature connection and preparing wholesome food.

Choosing Jessi as a guide, you can expect a holistic experience. Jessi considers each walk to be a pilgrimage. She hikes to connect with something greater, to experience deep listening. Jess has worked with children at nature school where she developed a keen sense of storytelling, playfulness and nature connection activities. That said, she always puts health and safety at the forefront. Maintaining health on a multiday trek doesn't have to be sacrificed, although neither does chocolate! Jessi is skilled at food provisioning. She can work with dietary requirements and is eager to exchange knowledge. She also enjoys sharing naturalists skills.

What to wear

Hikes // You must ensure you are well prepared for any hike in New Zealand as weather can be a serious threat to those outside. Your Bushman will check your gear and decide on whether you have met the minimum requirements before heading out. For more on this,visit our FAQ here. You will be emailed an full itinerary upon the completion of your booking. 

Food to bring

Day Hikes // We recommend light snacks and energy food while out walking and full, protein heavy meals for your lunches and bigger breaks. For example, energy or protein/breakfast bars, "scroggin" or a bag of mixed nuts, wraps with perhaps white meats, heavy salads and sauce, or opt for just about any meal from Back Country Cuisine.

Multiday Day // Expanding on from above, we recommend something to chew away at while out. A good energy boost on hikes with hills could be Pascal's Jet Lollies - which are high in energy and quite light. For breakfast, try the small porridge satchels and coffee/tea satchels. Again, dinners can be covered in one swoop with the Back Country's selection. For more, visit our FAQ below.




“Our hike was the PERFECT way to end our trip to New Zealand. We went on an expedition trip with Jessi and we had such an awesome time both mentally and physically. Jessi made sure all of our needs were taken care of over the days and that we were ore oared or what was to come each day - 10/10!”



“I can’t rate Jessi highly enough! We had such a nice time on our hiking and I would recommend hiking with her to anyone with a family. She connected with all of us and the kids loved walking with her, they were sad when it was over. It was a great way to see more of the South Island and learn about how we can be contributing to their conservation in New Zealand.”


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