Bealey Spur


Arthur's Pass






Option 1: 1545m hill climb from hut with spectacular 360º views

Option 2: Complete the Bealey Spur route but stay out the night under our amazing Milkyway night sky.

Bealey Spur is an easy, pleasant day hike with fantastic views over the Waimakariri Valley. Follow the track through beech forest, open grassland and sub-alpine scrub until it ends at the historic Bealey Spur Hut (once used for high country sheep farming). Stunning views from a gradual track begins with a steep walk up a road from the car park. From there it climbs steadily through beautiful forest until the path emerges into the open and continues onto a ridge, After a little while on the ridge there’s a spectacular viewpoint looking up, down and across the Waimakariri valley. From here the track continues through open grassland and a swampy area over a boardwalk, then up through more forest, until it finally reaches the rustic Bealey Hut, which was built in 1925 for sheep musterers. 

Bushman who hike here

Our Bushmen and women have lived in this region their whole lives. They do this hike multiple times with our visitors and know it like the back of their compass. You're in great hands here and will leave with some extra knowledge and a story or two.


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