Anatori River to Cobb Valley

West Coast to Tasman



20+ KM



Coastal, historic homesteads, tarns and peaks, best of all worlds.

This multi-location hike is great for someone looking for a mixture of environments and sites. You'll begin on the coast and end inland with a chance to get some big climbs in. Anatori to Cobb Valley is an opportunity for hikers to camp out, visit historic huts and climb some good peaks to break a sweat; but it's all your choice. Your Bushman will keep track of time, best places to go and all the details, but you get to request whatever is available on this tropical and pleasant trip. Take a dip, take a read, take a moment, it's all here.

Bushman who hike here

Our Bushman has walked and explored this region for decades. Knowing locals and knowing ways to enjoy each hike is his passion. You're in great hands here and will leave with some extra knowledge and a story or two.


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