The Tribe

We've been passionate about the outdoors and conservation

for decades. Now, we're making a difference with those around us

equally as passionate. 

It all starts with family

It was another family hike in the Canterbury hills that sparked the idea to unite our most experienced hikers. Bushman Tours focuses on a way to contribute to conservation efforts on a mass scale while meeting like-minded, extraordinary people. 

When you hike with our Bushmen, you're hiking with local Kiwis who love this country
and the experience it provides. This means we have all the best kept secrets
to show you, that you won't find on the tourist route. 

People can support conservation and contribute to global efforts simply by meeting one another. Bushman Tours is simply the guide to making that happen; we just happen to do this over stunning hikes throughout New Zealand.

Everything we do, we do for conservation.

The Bushman Tribe

Our tribe extends far beyond this website. Our community of Bushmen & Women come from all walks of life and add their own unique values to our mission of education and inspiration. It all started with the few people & dogs though...

Join our tribe

We're always on the look out for people to join us, whether that be as a Bushman or in-house. Reach out to our down-to-earth team today. 

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