Our Response to COVID-19

While the world heads deeper into more uncertain times, many are concerned about their futures and whether their plans for 2020 will still go ahead. Things like the Olympics, huge overseas adventures, new homes are now all put on hold and could be cancelled altogether.

It’s sad times, but we must look on the positive side.

The Earth and natural world will flourish during these months of lockdown. So much so, that scientists can now accurately record the difference in a few days of less cars and pollution (it’s a lot). They’ll be able to use these weeks as a chance to prove global warming – an opportunity we’ve never had before on this scale.

While some businesses will have to close their doors for the final time. Many will learn from this and grow even stronger. After all, the best businesses thrive during a crisis.

At Bushman Tours, we’ve always planned for something like this. We’ve always had good, strong business continuity plans that we initiated even before the New Zealand government did.

As few flights leave their airports, the borders become empty. Airports are wastelands and our highways are now overrun by introduced pests. This downtime may seem like the end, but it’s not, it’s the beginning.

Our response to this is to let everyone know that New Zealand will still be here, and its operators will still be here to supply incredible experiences. In fact, our government has been so proactive in dealing with this crisis, we may be one of the last sanctuaries for travelers. A safe place with next to no COVID cases and only amazing experiences.

This is what we’re working towards for 2021. We believe this summer it could all be different and we experience our biggest domestic tourism growth. Like the Earthquakes of 2010 here in Christchurch, people treated themselves getting through the event with a new car (car sales went up 200%). COVID-19 took away our travel, we feel it will be the one thing people book once flights begin again.

All our visitors received full refunds during the lockdown. We provided some information on places they could stay if they’d missed their flights, we even took a German in and provided him a bed! Now, we’re focused on getting our new platform finished and providing some amazing, game-changing options for when you all do wish to start exploring again. And you will, we promise.

If you’ve followed us awhile now, you’ll know us well. We care more about connection than we do financial return. If you need some Kiwis to connect with, we can help. If you want to share your current world and reminisce over old adventures, you can. Don’t do COVID-19 alone and don’t let this lockdown get to you. We’ll be ramping, ready to go as soon as you are.

Stay in touch.


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