FAQs While We're In Downtime

New Zealand is currently going through one of the most strict and staunch self-isolation, lockdowns in the world. This is for good reason and few Kiwis are arguing it if we can save lives. However, not being able to leave, with our airports closed and many businesses likely to struggle financially, there is much uncertainty. 

Here are some questions we've picked up in the last few weeks and our best answers to them. Remember, if you have anything further to what's here, please reach out to our friendly Kiwi team.

> Are you closed during COVID-19?

No, not in the slightest. In fact, our team is now working more hours and getting through more work than we possibly ever have. The requirement to stay home means we can get our heads down and get ready for this new website and the summer rush of 2021. Bookings, tours, recruitment is all still very much happening. To stay involved, the best thing is to fill out one of the forms on the homepage.

> Will you be effected by COVID-19 and the recession?

Everyone will be effected by this in some way. For us, our biggest effect is not being able to go out into the mountains! No doubt when this all blows over, we'll all be going deep into the bush. As a business, we planned for something like this to happen. Our business continuity plans and crisis management have been activated. Our overheads are small, and we don't owe anyone money. It's likely Bushman Tours will come out of this well, and we're passionate about helping others get back on their feet too, including those in the industry - not just customers.

> Why is your website smaller?

We're now in the exciting process of testing our new platform for release. With the closure of boarders and absolutely no one able to book tours (or confident to do so), we're temporarily putting the option to book tours on hold. Although you can still book these, it's a waiting list right now. This downtime allows us to concentrate on getting the new platform spot on. 

> Can I still book tours?

You can subscribe and go onto the waiting list for any tour, yes. We're not taking payments right now as there is no guarantee when the boarders are back open, and we're ensuring that we don't take your money without giving you something in return. If you want to register your interest for a tour, follow this link on what you'd like to do. If you'd like to subscribe for when they're all officially open, register here.

> When do you think the borders will be open again?

This is hard to say. The lockdown has gone well for NZ but boarders will rely on what your country is doing to fight the pandemic. Our government is very unlikely to allow people in with poor restrictions in place until a vaccine is found. It's likely that by mid-winter, the borders will open again to Australia & Pacific Islands. You can stay up to date on progress here.

> When is the new website live?

We're on track for May at this stage, but due to COVID-19 we won't be rushing this as many are unlikely to book. Therefore, when it is live, we'll be opening up the chance to chat with Bushmen & women and spend more time planning out your perfect Adventure when you are allowed to explore New Zealand. We're also doing unique options like female travelers on their own - offering ways to connect with others and go on tours with other Bushwomen.


Anything we miss? Feel free to contact us in the chat box with further questions.


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