Multiday Hikes with Bushman Tours

Multiday hikes with Bushman Tours is any track that will take you more than two days to complete (or two nights or more out).

We offer these options to keen hikers who are looking to immerse themselves into the region they’ve picked. It helps people visiting or exploring the region to get a real sense of the nature, wildlife and why the locals love to live there.

Multiday hikes are designed to give you the full experience at a good price. If you’re coming to New Zealand, it’s only right to understand what makes it so unique – not just what you see on those large Lonely Planet posters.

What to expect

Expect some hard work, sore feet and to down a jean size! Getting out for multiple days across dozens of kilometres, up tall tarns and onto mountains tops comes at a cost to the body, but even the newest hikers wish they’d always chosen the longer option.

It can get tough, but with multiday hikes, you adjust very quickly.

“After day 5, I was actually a little sad it was coming to an end. You get so used to the surroundings, the process of putting one-foot in front of another…no Wi-Fi!” – said Mary, a recent Adventurer with us.

When staying out in our backcountry huts, you’ll soon learn how quiet and relaxing the backcountry is. Often, Kiwis will escape there to relax and recharge due to its simplicity and calmness (even when the weather is bad). After your last few nights, you’ll be sleeping like a baby.

Joining a local Bushman for a hike of this length could bring you a friend for life. All those hours to chat and learn about the surroundings is why Bushman Tours exist; it’s about education and inspiration on this amazing ecosystem.

What you should bring

When you’re hiking multiday, never pack more than you need. Always consider weight and do everything you can to enjoy the trip. Hikers who walk the TA (the length of New Zealand) will even cut their toothbrush in half.

Food should be lightweight and dehydrated. Clothes should be breathable and warm and able to be worn multiple times (don’t worry, if everyone smells, no one notices).

We provide plenty of advice for this sort of thing in our minimum requirements and checklist found here and on your confirmation itinerary email.

Make sure your gear is in good condition, good hiking boots, strong pack and plenty of survival/first aid gear.

Another popular item is a small journal with pencil. If you're away this long, often experiences, views, smells and banter (discussions) can get mixed up, it's a great idea to note down your day. In six or twelve months time, you'll read this again and think of the good times you had out there in New Zealand.


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