Overnight Hikes with Bushman Tours

If you’re looking for a chance to get away from hotels and hostels, you’re after something more unique and want to wake up at the foot of a mountain, you have to spend it out in our backcountry.

Our overnight hikes are our most popular booking as it allows our Adventurers to get a real taste of that feeling of accomplishment after a days hiking. Whether you reach a hut or set up a tent/bivvy in the bush, getting a fire going and getting to really know your Bushman is simply the best feeling.

Bushman Tours has a variety of hikes on offer that go overnight and allow you to be back to your accommodation in the afternoon the following day (depending on the distance and your fitness). 

What to expect overnight

The first thing to expect is some world class banter (Kiwi word for conversation) from your Bushman. All these people do this because they love meeting others, so be prepared to chat and have a laugh. However, if you’re the sort who prefers to read, sit and relax in the peace and quiet of the outdoors, they will totally respect this too – just make sure to mention this in your pre-hike meeting.

Depending on your location and Bushman, you may also have a chance to sit on the decking with a hot brew and listen to the natural world around you. Often, native birds and creatures come out at night and with a red lensed torch, you can get a great interaction with them.

Finally, another activity might be to set up the camp itself. Depending on what hike you’ve picked, your Bushman may ask you to help build the camp and shelter. This is an amazing opportunity to connect and understand what it means to be a Bushman.

Building safe fires, shelters and a place to cook is an incredibly rewarding end of the day activity after climbing some good mountains. 

What should I bring?

As you’re going overnight, there will be more gear required than our day hikes. To learn more about this, visit our FAQs, The Hut.

Your Bushman may also offer out gear relevant to the hike. This is totally their decision and it is your responsibility to look after it. This can save on having to buy extra gear. Regardless, we send over an itinerary after your booking with what you’ll need in detail as well as a map on where to buy those things. 


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