Day Hikes with Bushman Tours

Our day hikes are perfect for those short on time, don’t want to spend too much or has an afternoon to kill and wants to get out and about.

Most of our day hikes are located near to key meeting spots, meaning you can be there and back without having to worry too much about where you’ll go next that day.

If you’re looking to experience our day walks that many of us locals do each weekend, then these are perfect to book. 

What to expect on a day hike

Our shortest day hikes are 4 hours with our longest being between 10 and 12 hours. Your Bushman will usually want to leave around 8-9 am in the morning despite the length to make sure you give yourselves plenty of time to enjoy the views and experience.

Some Bushman, like Jackiefor example, like to add extra features to their trips. Bushman Jackie has a unique sensory session where she aims for her Adventurers to really connect with the land, take in the smells and sounds and enjoy what New Zealand is unique for.

Other trips include opportunities to meditate, bird watch or simply take a moment and enjoy where you are. Regardless of what the Bushman offers, you can always request certain activities upon booking.

What you should bring

No matter the length or location, you should always be prepared in New Zealand for all sorts of weather. It may be hot and cold in the morning, but that can drastically change to snow and often does. We see our tourists forget this and underdress, getting themselves into trouble.

You’ll need to meet our minimum requirements to join a hike with a Bushman, but we present this upon checkout and also in your personal itinerary sent to you once you book.

Other than clothing, it’s important to keep energized. There are so many options in supermarkets for this including Backcountry Mealsand OSM bars. We recommend always having something like this to hand as well as plenty of water. (Many of the day hikes are in locations without water supply).

Finally, bring a good camera and even binoculars if you have them. The views on these trips are as good as any multiday hike! 


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