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In the run up to 2019, we have our vast level of strategies and campaigns well under way, we’re looking for an accountant to join our mission and assist in vital tasks and forecasting.

The ideal person will be a chartered accountant with good experience in assisting the SME industry. This person is likely to have a few other clients of this size and has worked hard on building long-lasting and credible relationships with them.

For Bushman Tours, we don’t just want someone to forecast our numbers and do the books, we want someone who can become part of our family and invest their expertise into our plans to make meaningful decisions on how we run our business. Your professional knowledge and advice will directly contribute to the business decisions we make, so trust is a big factor. 

We will contact you for advice, you will contact us with advice (without us having to ask) and you will feel like you're truly part of what we do. 

We are currently interviewing:

Our process on looking for an accountant covers a few steps.

  1. We are viewing past work from accountants and relevance to what we do - aligning our values. 
  2. We will look at your location and availability.
  3. Bushman Tours prefers to stay away from large agencies, aiming for smaller groups that put in the care and attention a 1-2-1 connection offers. 
  4. We will arrange a short call with our CEO to discuss the opportunity and if it's the right fit. 
  5. After you have sent a small proposal on our working relationship, we will contact you in mid-January if you're the right person for us. 

Why Bushman Tours?

As an accountant who works with only a few close clients, we understand that it’s in your best interest to interview your potential future clients too; which we very much welcome.

BT is a new organisation focused on conservation and based within the sharing industry. In the short time we’ve been running, we’ve seen promising numbers that we’d like our new accountant to help build on. This will then align to our wider global plans and ensure we're keeping on track for year on growth.

Our team is small for now, but we are passionate and down to earth with regular opportunities to meet and socialise. We’re open to your expertise, your input and will never dismiss an idea you have to help the business.

We also build concrete relationships with those that have joined us from the beginning. If our relationship works, we want you to be a part of the growth and journey we’re about to go on. 

Apply now

If you would like to apply and show your interest for this position, please introduce yourself over email to info@bushmantours.co.nz

Please address this to “Att: Ollie Law, Accountant Application 2019” and note in the email three clients you currently work with and what you do for them. 

We can’t wait to receive your application!


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