Bushman Tours adds Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue to The List

Chief Bushman, Ollie Law and the team at Bushman Tours are excited to introduce you to the work of Sabrina Luecht, who single-handedly manages Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue.

During a routine research hour on local conservation, the team came across a video that had gone viral thanks to a share by LadBible. The video stood out as it was tagged as New Zealand, specifically Kaikoura. After looking deeper, we came to know the work of Sabrina and her partner.

“Before we’d even set up our own Instagram, I posted a comment on one of Sabrina’s photos to look into any donations I could give. I was very surprised with her response” Ollie says.

Thank you for your lovely message and kind offer, appreciated. I founded, voluntarily manage and self-fund Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue. In other words it’s a one-woman-organisation that needs all the help it can get


Her stunning photos, careful work and passion for wildlife made it an easy decision to add the foundation to our list.

“For Bushman Tours, it’s about finding these one-person efforts that are so centralised and important to a region. We ask ourselves daily what we can do to give back to smaller communities? It’s those smaller places and individuals that make a huge impact to the whole country. I absolutely can’t wait for our customers and Bushman to meet Sabrina” Ollie added.

Sabrina’s past work and experience makes her a perfect contributor and advocate for wildlife rescue and conservation. With experience in hands-on wildlife biology research, working on captive breeds for release programmes and endangered species.

Over the years, Sabrina transitioned into legislative, strategic planning and outreach roles in the conservation field which has contributed to a vast understanding of political and community focused conservation.

“My aim has always been to inspire people to care for the environment. We only have one planet and species extinctions are at their all-time highest rates. The wildlife rehabilitation I undertake is a vital conservation tool, as most cases I receive are due to human induced causes (e.g. injuries from vehicle strike, boat strike, window strike, dog/cat attack, starvation due to competing with overfishing etc). I feel that with the level of species decline, the very least that humans can do, is rectify some of the things we unwittingly do. Returning a bird into the wild, that would have otherwise died, is not only immensely rewarding and satisfying (it's a lot of hard work) but means that that individual can once again join the breeding population” Sabrina commented in an email to us.

In the future, visitors who choose a trip through Kaikoura may get an opportunity to see Sabrina’s work in the flesh. The Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue foundation is continuously releasing our most precious creatures back into their natural environment. By allowing our visitors to be a part of this and view this delicate work, we’re able to inspire and leave a lasting impression when they move on. 

Going forward, Bushman Tours will donate a percentage of the hike to Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue allowing our visitors to directly contribute to New Zealand conservation.
You can also donate now by visiting: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/help4wildlife
Following Sabrina and her work via the links below:


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