Bushman Tours | What we do

The foundation that Bushman Tours is built on, focuses on two key objectives. A passion for conservation and the environment, and, educating the masses on this.

By using these two simple but important values, we can then build campaigns and concepts to help achieve them in greater numbers. After all, that was what the business was originally built on anyway.

“I was walking a track deep in Arthurs Pass when I asked Zoe how many tourists she thought were also out here? We didn’t pass any, and it got me thinking, why is that? I see organisations like DOC struggling to market and then achieve buy-in from these tourists, because they simply don’t know who they are. That’s about to change though” says Chief Bushman, Ollie Law.

As a group of passionate people, we are always trying to find ways to collaborate with local organisations and charities. Like Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue for example who is run by Sabrina, a one-woman force of hope and love for injured, native birds. By allowing our visitors to add small percentage onto their overall cost, they directly contribute to people like Sabrina who is making a major difference.

As a business though, we focus on being the facilitators and meeting point for enthusiastic travellers and local Kiwis. Our revenue is generated solely by the tourism industry and the commission for our Bushman comes straight out of this.

Our Bushman are always paid first, then the charities and foundations, then the business. And that will never change.

Despite the majority of in-house team being keen hikers, we’re mostly found behind our laptops, in meetings and presenting at national and international forums. We’re constantly working in the background to find more ways to connect the visitor and the local. Then, build on that with relevant educational resource for everyone.

What we do is we provide experienced hikers, outdoors men and women and our huge number of tourists an opportunity to connect, experience the outdoors together, and contribute to the environment.

That could include us passing on important DOC information before they head off. It may also be that they meet with a ranger and help him or her with their work that day. Or, picking up trash during their hike which is a major incentive for us.

(The hiker who picks up the most trash during their hike, gets 10% back off their total bill. Who wouldn’t want to do that?)

We’ve tried to simplify the sharing industry even further by doing as much as we can to connect these people. Time will tell what impact we can have, but we look forward to your joining us! 


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