Bushman Tours | How we do it

There is no lack of tourism in New Zealand and no expected decline in the number of visitors to our shores in the foreseeable future. We’re lucky to live in an economy where our key source of income is so healthy. Top this with agriculture and trade, NZ is a fantastic place to live.

In this short blog, we explain how we fit into this extensive network of opportunities as presented by our Chief Bushman, Ollie Law.

We’re the AirBnB of hiking

I want to break this down into the simplest terms so that your imagination around the opportunity can flourish, as mine has.

We see this organisation as being the AirBnB to hiking. We see visitors finding our messaging and realizing they have an opportunity to meet and explore with local kiwis.

As an immigrant myself from over two decades ago, I found that the consensus on kiwis is that they’re the nicest people in the world. I wouldn’t deny that. So, by being the introduction to tourists and locals, we’re able to build more real communication with the people. 

Leaving a personal mark

It was during my week-long expedition with Tao, in the Philippines that built a value that defines me today. It was experiencing the local culture, the sights and actively contributing to work on the islands that made me truly feel I was part of that environment. I was able to leave my mark which is extremely important to me.

Being able to recreate that feeling for our visitors is so exciting for me. Instead of just bungy jumping off a bridge or rafting down our rapids, they can now meet us and walk the outdoors with us, building a stronger bond to New Zealand.

With a team of professional marketers, digital engineers, developers and conservationists, we can work on building the brand, reach and messaging to the world while you provide them with an experience they will never forget.

For us local hikers, putting our boots on, getting up those stunning mountains and back down into the huts to get the fire going…that’s just a normal weekend for us. But for the visitors here, they would never know where to start with this. With your local help and expertise, you can help show them and control what matters.

Your profile

By setting up your profile and requirements via our Bushman dashboard, you are giving us the chance to promote you and the reasons someone should hike with you.

We will do the marketing, selling and promotion of the offer on hand while you sit back and wait for that notification to come through, “you have a hike!”

In return for your time, we offer you a cut of the total charged to that visitor. Your percentage covers your time and current contribution to the organisation.

Let’s break this down. 

The points system

The hikers you take out will review you and contribute to your overall points. These points align to how often you’re seen during searches but also how much opportunity you get to become further integrated with the organisation.

For example, the more points you obtain may go towards a new set of boots we’ll buy you. Or, even us providing a vehicle. It all counts.

Every month, those points align to a payment system we have in place. A system that calculates how important you are to our mission from your feedback, availability and commitment to the mission. Our most valuable Bushman get 100% of the total charged to the customer (minus basic admin costs).

On the rare occasion you are marked down consistently on one area, instead of disciplining you, we arrange courses or training to help you get those rankings back up. We’ve helped Bushman get higher-level First Aid courses, lessons in language learning and even taken a few out for runs to help get their fitness levels back up; whatever it takes!


Probably the most inviting aspect of this outside of the money you can make in your spare time, is the flexibility.

Our filters are so complex behind the scenes, that we’re able for you to essentially set the rules.

The amount of people, the level of hike, days/nights you’re out and so on is all set by you. Then, when someone books, you know you’re getting the perfect person to go out with. It may be that your whole family is heading out for the weekend and you want an extra person to come with you, our setup allows this freedom. 

How does one get started?

The demand already has shown that we’re on the right track. For the month of November, we are conducting detailed research onto the type of Bushman we could take on. This means we’re reviewing hundreds of applications from interested locals like you.

Once we get your interest, we will send you a more detailed application form on your expertise and a little about you. After that, an interview and trial run take place.

You should allow a few months for all of this to happen, but the goal makes it very much worth it.

Once you’re in, a profile is set up with your requirements, we set up the contract with you and get your bank details, resulting in a full profile set up and ready to go. Then, we start sending you the hikers!

For me personally, the thought of providing an extra income over doing something you love is a rewarding feeling. I believe in the values and purpose of this business and I can’t wait to see it grow with you. 


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